Written by Ramatoulaye Diallo (CEFOREP)

Despite the willingness of young people to get involved in the GFF process, they still face several obstacles. One of the major challenges is the difficulty of accessing information related to the implementation of the investment case, the lack of involvement of youth organizations in the process. Lack of resources is also a barrier to better coordination and communication between organizations. It is therefore urgent for CSOs in the DRC to reinvigorate the coalition in a transparent and inclusive manner in order to enable all CSOs, including young people, to play their full role in monitoring, alerting and accountability.

Some perspectives identified by the young people involved in the GFF are:  

  • federating the different civil society organizations into a national coalition for more dynamism and efficiency;
  • Intensify advocacy for the full participation of civil society organizations and young people in the process of implementing the investment case;
  • have tools to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the investment case, in particular additional funding for strengthening human development systems.