About us

The Africa Health Budget Network (AHBN) is a network of organizations and individuals using budget advocacy to improve health service delivery in Africa. AHBN’s main purpose is to advance and embed improvements in health budget allocation, spending, transparency, participation, and accountability to increase overall health and wellbeing.

AHBN was envisioned in 2006, founded in 2013 and launched at the 2014 PMNCH Partners Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was founded to respond to a gap in civil society participation in health budget advocacy across Africa and the need for an African led and African based organization dedicated to health budget advocacy and accountability. The AHBN secretariat ‘Africa Health Budget Initiative’ is legally registered and incorporated in Nigeria with registration number ‘RC 119436’. It is located at No 9 Berbera Street, Wuse Zone 6, and Abuja, Nigeria.

Mission Statement

AHBN fosters transparent, accountable, sustainable, and innovative health financing for Africa by enabling African Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Advocates to meaningfully influence investment that improves overall health and wellbeing.


African continent, where evidence including budget and finance information drive investment in health.


  • To build the capacity of African CSOs to engage governments at all levels in a transparent and accountable public budgeting.
  • To ensure that governments fulfil local and international financial commitments made to improve the health outcomes of all citizens in Africa.
  • To bridge the representation gap of African civil society on global advocacy on health financing and strengthen African civil society engagement within global, regional, and national accountability frameworks and mechanisms.

Key examples of work that illustrate AHBN’s reputation for programmatic effectiveness among peers, partners, and experts in the field.

1. AHBN hosts the global secretariat of the Community of Practitioners on Accountability and Social Action in Health (COPASAH), a global south bottom-up accountability peer learning network.

2. AHBN is a founding member since 2016 of the Global Civil Society Coordinating Group for the GFF, sits on its steering committee, co-hosting its bi-monthly mailchimp newsletter and co-chairing its Health financing Working Group.

3. AHBN is a member of PMNCH since 2014, alternate board member and a co-chair of its Country Engagement Working Group.

4. AHBN is a member of the UHC2030 movement co-led by the World Bank and WHO and contributing to its civil society engagement mechanism.

5. AHBN is a member of the FP2030 CSOs’ Accountability Advisory Group, engaging in shaping accountability agenda for the next round of countries’ commitments till 2030.

6. AHBN is a member of the UHC2030 International Health Partnership and a member of its State of UHC Commitment Task Team convened by UHC2030 Secretariat.

7. AHBN hosts the global secretariat of the Community of Practitioners on Accountability and Social Action in Health (COPASAH), a global south peer learning network.

8. AHBN is a member of the Global Action Plan for the Sustainable Development Goal 3 Civil Society Advisory Group.

9. AHBN is a member of the UNITING to COMBAT Neglected Tropical Diseases.

10. In Nigeria AHBN is a member of the RMNCAEH+N Multi-stakeholder Partnership Coordination Platform and chairs its Leadership, partnership, and coordination sub-committee.