AHBN Advisory Board


8 years on from its inception, AHBN’s work has gain momentum and recognition at national, regional and international levels with many groups and individuals associating with us. As our work continues to grow and develop, we are continuously improving our governance structure and challenging our team to be more transparent and accountability, to ensure we are meeting the demands of our members, board, donors, target audience and population.

Composition of the Advisory Board

The AHBN Advisory Board comprises of 8 members. The AHBN coordinator serves as the secretary of the Advisory Board meetings, in order to share details of all aspects of the network, its operations, achievements and strategic focus and document proceedings. In order to ensure clear separation of management and governance, the coordinator is not a member of the Advisory Board.

Role of the Advisory Board

The AHBN Advisory Board members will commit their time on a voluntary basis and will:

  • Advice on the strategic direction of the network, ensuring that it is responsive to the needs of its members and Africa.
  • Support the work of the AHBN secretariat, ensuring that key milestones are met.
  • Support business development efforts and fund raising to ensure necessary resources are in place to support AHBN’s work.
  • Introduce AHBN to individuals and organizations capable of supporting the network realize its strategy.


Advisory Board members serve a term of 2 years with opportunity for renewals.

List of Current Advisory Board Members