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GFF Civil Society Coordinating Group (CSCG) Health Financing Working Group Terms of Reference

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Global Financing Facility

The ToR provides for the working group (WG) of the CSCG which are composed of partners with a keen interest in the financing of health systems at global and country levels and will coordinate efforts among partners to increase capacity of civil society organizations around the functions of health financing.


The Global Financing Facility Civil Society Coordinating Group (CSCG) aims to improve the health outcomes of women, children, and adolescents by ensuring CS’s meaningful engagement in GFF processes both at national and global levels.  Civil society is meaningfully engaged in the GFF when the full breadth of their skills and expertise can contribute to determining and achieving mutual goals and targets, including those laid out by the GFF and GFF countries, the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health, and the Sustainable Development Goals.   The CS Coordinating Group consists of CS at regional, global and national levels that align their resources and actions to ensure meaningful engagement of CS in the GFF at the international level, and to provide support to CS working in GFF countries. 

The CSCG has developed a CS Engagement Strategy and costed implementation plan, which guide CS engagement in GFF processes and outline how partners can support this engagement.  While support is available for the implementation of some activities that will help advance CS coordination and alignment, funding needs continue to constrain CS efforts to implement activities to improve health outcomes.  Resource mobilization is a critical capacity, one for which many CS have requested capacity building.

This working group (WG) of the CSCG which will be composed of partners with a keen interest in the financing of health systems – at global and country levels - will coordinate efforts among partners to increase capacity of civil society organizations around the functions of health financing – resource mobilization (both domestic and external resources), the pooling of resources and the expenditure of resources (chiefly through budget allocation).

Objectives of the Working Group

Objectives include:

  • Act as a convener for CS engaged in health financing efforts across GFF countries, and at the global level; facilitate information, communication, and knowledge sharing through members of the WG.

Health financing

  • Identify the key needs of CSOs in GFF countries, related to the three core health financing principles: resource mobilization, pooling and strategic purchasing, including public financial management; provide technical assistance, and/or identify partners who can provide TA and capacity building to CSOs in GFF countries.

Resource mobilisation

  • Provide a forum for discussion about CSOs  national level mobilisation of the financial resources required to fund their GFF CSO action plans; serve as a platform to coordinate and share best practices (e.g. in fundraising, proposal development, identifying potential donors and partners, such as private sector)

Global GFF Replenishment

  • Identify the key needs of CSOs advocating for the GFF replenishment in donor markets; liaise with the GFF Secretariat, CSOs in GFF countries, and other partners to address gaps in messaging and advocacy, and share resources; elevate the voices of CSOs in GFF countries into global fora, to support GFF replenishment.

Modalities The chair(s) for the WG are nominated by the CSCG Steering Committee as Africa Health Budget Network (AHBN) and Save the Children (SAVE) represented by Aminu Magashi Garba and James Sale respectively; the chair(s) will lead discussions, track action items, and represent the WG in broader conversations with the Steering Committee and the CSCG. The manager of the CSCG and Steering Committee at PMNCH will help facilitate communication between this and other working groups. Members of the WG will then disseminate information to their respective constituencies or through existing mechanisms to plan and harmonize efforts.


Members of the WG will represent organizations leading or focused on health financing and replenishment for the GFF, at global and country levels. See CSCG WG Membership Criteria, for a complete list of membership criteria and expectations. Youth’s participation will also be encouraged to enhance their capacity in health financing and advocacy

Meetings The Group will virtually hold regular meetings (at a cadence determined by the WG) and use email and teleconferencing as the main means of communication. The group will regularly report on progress and activities to the Steering Committee, provide updates when necessary and requested in advance to different groups, and contribute to various documents/reports. Whenever possible the WG will convene at international events, such as UNGA, WHA, World Bank Meetings, etc.

Work Plan The Health Financing WG will develop an actionable work plan, with clear objectives, activities, and outputs to be agreed upon by members of the WG. Due to broad range of areas of work possible for The Group to take on it will be vital to prioritise activities to ensure quality of work. All members of the WG will contribute or support the development and implementation of the work plan. The WG will advocate for and work to identify resources to support this work plan.



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