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AHBN works to make African voices heard on both local and international platforms and supporting other CSOs to improve their skills in health budget advocacy. Read more about our work here. Click on any title to read more.

Mother laughing

National Taxpayer's Association - success story

The National Taxpayers Association (NTA) aims to promote good governance in…

AHBN attends Harare workshop on Health Budget Advocacy

We attended an inspiring workshop in Harare at the end of January. It was…
Mother and baby smiling

Development Initiatives: what we have learnt about budget advocacy

In 2014, Development Initiatives worked in partnership with the Mobilising…

Centre for the Study of Adolescence: what we learnt about budget advocacy

The Centre for the Study of Adolescence aims to improve young people’s health…
Baby and mother

Decoding health expenditure indicators

Want to learn more about health financing? Can’t tell your OOPS from your GGHE…
© UHC day

World celebrates first Universal Health Coverage day

The world celebrates its first Universal Health Coverage day. 12 December 2014…

Nigerian President finally signs health bill

9 December was a day of celebration for many health advocates and budget…

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