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Our Goals, Objectives and Activities


Accessing acceptable, high quality health care is a fundamental right of every human being. This means that everyone has the right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, which includes access to all medical services, sanitation, adequate food, decent housing, healthy working conditions, and a clean environment.

Health budgets are the most powerful tools used by governments to meet the health needs of its people, especially the poor, marginalized and underserved.

The Africa Health Budget Network is a group of African and global organizations and individuals already using or wishing to use budget advocacy as a tool to improve health service delivery in Africa.

Our goal

AHBN’s goal is to enable African CSOs to meaningfully influence policy and public spending on health to improve the health of its people. The most meaningful health policies have little impact and are not sustainable until they are matched with sufficient public resources that are used efficiently.

The Health budget is an important piece of the health financing system, reflecting a government’s commitment to ensuring access to health and affecting the strength & sustainability of the health system.

Our objectives

It is therefore pertinent that CSOs have the requisite capacity to engage governments and political actors in an open, participatory, and accountable public budgeting and ensure that they (Governments &Political Actors) fulfill the financial commitments made in the budget to improve the health outcomes of all citizens.

AHBN works with CSO members and other partners to ensure that African leaders are committed to accountability and transparency around health budget in their various countries.

Our activities

AHBN is working with its members with the aim of fostering more open, participatory and accountable health budgeting in Africa. Leveraging on their various skills, knowledge of their country’s political context and experience of navigating policy processes to transform their country’s health budgets and bring about social change, improved health outcomes &  Sustainable development. Budget Advocacy AHBN works with CSOs to set strategic actions that influences decision making in allocation and implementation of public budget while enhancing effective use of resources, provision of services, transparency and accountability.

Capacity Building AHBN Provides advice and expertise through knowledge and experience sharing among individuals, organization & professionals to strengthen the ability of coalition members, to engage & influence their countries health budget and to improve better health spending in Africa.

Resource Centre AHBN serves as a resource center which organizations, professionals and individuals can get information and resource materials such as budget scorecards, budget infographics, and budget analysis reports and so much more.