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WACI Health

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WACI Health

Global Financing Facility
Health Budget Advocacy
Health Care Financing

WACI Health exists to champion the end of life-threatening epidemics and improved health outcomes for all in Africa by influencing political priorities through an effective, evidence-driven Pan-African civil society voice and action.

WACI Health seeks to impact the following areas of global health work:

Resources for health: We will focus on urging national governments and international agencies to step up their investments in health through transparent investments.

Research and Development: We will focus on supporting health research and development with an aim to see that its application and delivery results to better health for the people most in need.

Civic Engagement: We will strive to support stronger civil society voice and action, focusing on civic engagement by working with communities to improve access to health for people who are most in need.

Africa Civil Society organizing and leadership in advocacy: There is growing demand for an African led civil society voice (by Africans, with Africans, for Africans). Effecting Africa’s civil society's ability to organize and engage is critical in accountability on policy agenda setting processes, implementation and accountability within the health sector. This includes the management and administration of policies and resources in health, including processes for health systems strengthening.

The thematic areas of priority are , Universal Health Coverage (UHC), MNCAHN, HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis, and Nutrition, Gender based Violence.

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Contact Person
Joyce Ng'ang'a

Policy Advisor

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