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Our Advisory Board


The AHBN advisory board is there to provide strategic guidance and advice on policies and programmes AHBN is running. AHBN Activities are overseen by the members of the advisory board who give non-binding advice over the strategic direction AHBN is taking.

The Advisory Board meets twice a year. It contains members from various different sectors and seniority levels in order to ensure the voices of African CSOs are recognised. The Advisory Board is chaired by Angeline Mutunga the Global Director of Policy and Advocacy in Jhpiego and Honorable Muhammad Usman, a former Nigerian Parliamentarian will serve Co-chair of the board.

George Osei - Bimpeh

George Osei-Bimpeh

George has the overall responsibility for the running of Ghana Country Programmes and Projects of SEND-GHANA.

SEND - Ghana

SEND GHANA was established on August 4, 1998 with the maiden name Social Enterprise Development Foundation of West Africa. The organisation has evolved into a reputable and credible national Non-Governmental Organisation.